Buddha to Buddha jewellery

There’s nothing quite like a new range of gorgeous jewellery to have Miss Warburton and the girls squealing with delight (unless someone has baked us cupcakes of course), and the pitch of our squeals have gone up a notch with the Buddha To Buddha collection that has just arrived on Warbys doorstep.

Dozens of styles of hunky chunky Sterling silver bracelets and leather bracelets with iconic silver BTB clasps are the backbone of this lovely brand, ideal for both ladies and men, and available in a range of sizes naturally. There’s also a whole host of Sterling silver rings, each adorned with the Buddha To Buddha logo, and a small but stunning range of Sterling silver pendants, complete with chains!

We have them in store now if you’re local, so you can see for yourself how spectacular the new Buddha To Buddha jewellery is, or you can browse our entire selection online and order now for speedy delivery.