It's that time of year again that Miss Warburton truly loves, when the air is heavy with the flinty smell of Saltpeter, the skies are filled with spectacular bursts of colour and my beautiful dogs are hiding behind the sofa.

Yes it's firework night tomorrow, and we celebrate the foiling of Guy Fawkes' Gunpowder Plot by burning his effigy on bonfires, taking our lives into our own hands by setting off slightly damp and ludicroulsy overpriced packets of gunpowder and eating undigestibly undercooked jacket potatoes.

And after at least three minutes of hard Googling, Miss Warburton has failed to find any vaguely entertaining link between fireworks and jewellery, but as it's Friday I thought I'd sing you a little song instead...

I can just see all those Occupy London Stock Exchange types grooving away to this in their V for Vendetta masks tomorrow night. Not sure if the Occupy Wall Street peeps will get the connection.

And by the way, no, that's NOT me obviously, but a rather talented young lady called Sofia Arnell, who like Miss Warburton finds the acoustics in the bathroom to be just about perfect for recording for YouTube. Enjoy!