We are proud to stock Rachel Entwistle’s Spring/Summer 2014 “Alchemical” collection.

Rachel was nominated for New Designer of the Year at the UK Jewellery Awards 2012, and won the International Jewellery London Editor’s Choice for Originality. 

 The “Alchemical” range is based on the philosophy of alchemy. The collection features researched symbols to create visually stunning jewellery, this range invites the wearer to take a journey through distant lands both physical and spiritual.

The pieces include symbols of the sun, moon and the four elements; earth, water, air and fire. As well as the three primary symbols of alchemy; salt, sulphur and mercury and the ouroboros snake eating its own tail - which is a strong symbol of the continuous life cycle.

The collection consists of hand engraved, gold and sterling silver jewellery. Including; interlocking rings, bracelets, ear cuffs, moonphases bracelets and necklaces of varying lengths that would look perfect stacked together.

The intricate metal jewellery has a Gothic ethereal feel that is simple yet sophisticated; it would make the perfect gift for those who love Gothic inspired jewellery or desire something original.