My. Those very clever marketing people at Sekonda have managed to sponsor yet another one of Miss Warburton’s favourite musical artistes for their ITV special A Night with Beyoncé this Sunday evening at 9:00PM.

The Seksy Ivory ladies watch is the main focus of the promotion, but the style is also available in black, and you may wish to browse the other watches in our fabulous Seksy selection.

More pertinently that gives Miss Warburton the perfect excuse to post Beyoncé’s dance music video to end all dance music videos for all you single ladies out there. In fact although we’re not all single ladies here at Warbys, we have been perfecting the dance routine over the past couple of years and are apt to spontaneously perform the dance on the shop floor after a particularly impressive sale (which includes Internet sales by the way).

And so, if Ms. Knowles is reading this (and I’m assured she does so on a regular basis), then please direct your next man to buy your engagement ring and/or wedding ring at Warburtons where you are assured of a great deal on a top quality bespoke jewellery.

In the meantime, Miss Warburton is going off for a little dance and to dream of the day when Mr. Right puts a ring on it.