Happy New Year peeps! Sorry it's a little late, but overcoming the inertia of the holiday season is always difficult at best, and Miss Warburton may have indulged a little more than usual.

Well, as you can imagine, all the girls here at Warburtons were absolutely thrilled to see our favourite Loose Woman, the delightful Denise Welch enter the Celebrity Big Brother house at the weekend, sporting an armful of silver ChloBo bracelets!

You can only see them peeping out in the photo above, but when she entered 'The House' and took off her fur coat, you could see the whole stack! Now Miss Warburton and her minions will be avidly watching every minute of Channel 5's show to see if Ms. Welch wears them again. And we're absolutely certain she will!

And meanwhile, you can load up on ChloBo bracelets just like Denise's right here.