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Clogau Gold

26 March 2014 14:01:11 GMT

Warburtons have had a recent delivery from Clogau and now have some lovely pieces in stock which you can view here.

Clogau is unique to all other jewellery brands, as within every piece of their jewellery there is a measured amount of Welsh Gold taken from St. David’s Gold Mine in Snowdonia! The same gold that has previously been used to create generation of Welsh gold wedding rings for the Royal Family including Catherine Middleton.

We have 8 beautiful charms in-stock online including the adorable ‘Clogau Frog Prince Charm Bead’ and the gorgeous ‘Clogau Glyn Rhosyn Charm Bead’ and many more shown below - view the full collection here.


We also have numerous collections of Clogau jewellery including;

The Tudor Court Ring, Earrings and Pendant. This collection gets its inspiration the intricate carvings on Anne Boleyn’s Gateway at King Henry VIII’s lavish and sophisticated stately home.

The Royal Oak Ring and Pendant are inspired by the Royal Oak tree which symbolises strength, endurance and represents a strong family bond.

 The Kensington Heart Locket, Key Pendant and Earrings.This collection is inspired by the beautiful 19th century Jacobean palace gates, adorned with gold filigrees, the gates guard and enchanted palace where seven princesses once lived.

Lastly, we stock Clogau Swan Royal Ring and Earrings! The Swan is associated with love and fidelity due to their loyal nature and is one of the World's most magnificent birds. Mute swans are traditionally protected and owned by Her Majesty the Queen and are found by open water. Hampton Palace has regular visits from swans.

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Hubble Bubble, Hoye and Sabo

26 October 2011 16:34:46 BST

Now for something scary… really scary… it’s All Hallow’s Eve this Monday, and we have those last minute Halloween gifts in stock now; Thomas Sabo black cat charms, skull pendants and even the sweetest little Thomas Sabo Pumpkin charm.

We also have Brighton based designer Jeremy Hoye’s gorgeous little pumpkin charm, along with a range of his other fabulous, quirky jewellery, new to Warburtons.

In fact there’s lots to scare the pants off you… except our prices! And with that horrible joke, Miss Warburton wishes you the scariest of Halloweens!

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