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Gifts for her

2 December 2013 10:24:41 GMT

Gifts for her

Whether you're buying for your mother, your daughter, your friend, your partner, or another special lady in your life, it's important to get her a gift that she'll really treasure and appreciate.

Here at Warbys we have a large range of gifts that will accommodate all tastes, ages and budgets. From ChloBo rings to Sekonda watches to Thomas Sabo ear cuffs and everything in-between, you are certain to find the perfect gift.

As well as the popular brands such as; Thomas Sabo, Swatch, Trollbeads, and Sekonda we also have some unique brands, for example; Rachel Entwistle – who was nominated for New Designer of the Year at the UK Jewellery Awards 2012 and was the winner for the International Jewellery London Editor’s Choice for Originality.

All of our stock is also available on our website; therefore you can take your time and relax in the comfort of your own home while finding the perfect gift online. Warbys have made this experience even easier for you by having a designated “gifts for ladies” section on the website so you don’t need to look through hundreds of products to find what you are looking for.

You could have your Christmas shopping done and dusted at the click of a button and to top it off Warbys offer free delivery to any UK addresses.

So what are you waiting for, get shopping online at Warburtons Jewellers

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The Trollbeads Winter 2013 Collection

11 November 2013 11:55:43 GMT


The Trollbeads Winter 2013 Collection Is Now In Stock!

The Trollbeads Winter 2013 collection reflects the change of the season and the approaching festivities. The collection features hearts, singing snowmen, captivating glass beads and sparkling diamonds, as well as two limited edition glass kits with enchanting blue and festive red beads. All of the Christmas Ornaments will fit on all major bracelets, making it perfect for everyone.

This collection includes the ‘Christmas Heart’- a sterling silver heart designed for the Fantasy Necklace, where you are able showcase your favourite bead inside the heart. It also includes the Blizzard bead and Blizzard Tassel bead. Both beads have a fluorescent inner light that in the dark makes them glow like a starry sky and in the daylight they are a lovely, bright and delicate clear glass.

This collection also features two beads perfect for New Years. The first an exclusive Stay Positive bead in 18 carat gold, which is a reminder to stay positive in the New Year. The second, the Shooting Star bead which is the perfect way to start 2014 with 24 sparkling diamonds on your bracelet!

Trollbeads are perfect for everyone, with the uniqueness of the beads and each bead having a story to tell, you can create a very special and personal present. Whoever the lucky recipient is, if there is a part of their personality that really shines through, you'll also be able to emphasise it with Trollbeads. Once a person is started they can build their own collection to create jewellery to suit any mood or occasion.

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