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ChloBo Loving!

2 April 2014 12:48:10 BST

Here at Warburtons we absolutely LOVE ChloBo jewellery - we stock an irresistible range of rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings from the Chlobo Rings, ChloBoy, Dreamlands, After Dark, Cloud9 and Lucky 13 collection!

ChloBo Jewellery is inspired by the Balinese culture and designed by the very talented Chloe Moss. Each piece of ChloBo jewellery can either be worn separately or stacked together for an everyday stylish look or for a special occasion.

Each piece carries a spiritual meaning, allowing the wearer to pick and choose items to tell their own story! Her jewellery has been spotted on countless amounts of celebrities including Cheryl Cole, Elle Macpherson, Hugo Taylor and Ellie Golding, to only name a few!

Although we love all of the ChloBo Collections - we do have some favourites:

We love the Dreamlands Collection as it is more colourful and brighter than any of the other ChloBo Collections! Very on-trend, the collection has a wide choice of pastel colour stones to choose from and features the evil eye and hamsa hand charms which have shown to be very popular. This collection is perfect for any age group and is sure to both compliment and make an outfit.

Our second favourite collection is the After Dark Collection which takes you on a magical trip to the city of Istanbul. The collection is made from Haematite and Pyrite stones featuring symbols of protection and love.If you are looking for some sparkle, glitter or sequins then this is the perfect collection for you.

And lastly, we can't get enough of the Lucky 13 Collection! The collection features a mix of Sterling Silver, 24ct Gold plating and faceted Black Onyx; which has been said to ward off negativity, control stress and protect you. The Black Onyx is one of Chloe’s favourite stones and its dark twinkling colour is striking when contrasted against silver, which adds a brilliant sparkle and glamour to your outfit– perfect for the party season!

To view all of the ChloBo collections click here.

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In Dreamlands

31 March 2012 14:02:00 BST

ChloBo Dreamlands

I’m sure you won’t be surprised if I tell you that Miss Warburton and all the ladies here at Warby Towers have been waiting in breathless anticipation over the release of Dreamlands - two new ChloBo Spring Summer Collections – one in sparkling silver and one in perfect pastel shades.

The name of ChloBo’s Dreamlands collection was inspired by Chole Moss’ visit to Bali’s most beautiful beach, Dreamland. How Miss Warburton wishes she was on that beach right now, basking in the hot Balinese sunshine. Anyway, this is the very same beach where Chloe originally had a chance meeting with a woman making intricate silver bracelets thus inspiring our talented Chloe to her to follow her own dream and set up ChloBo jewellery.

The rest, as they say, is history, and ChloBo has quickly become one of Warbys’ tipper-toppermost brands. This new Dreamland Collection is divided into the Silver Sparkle Dreamlands range, a perfect addition to the ChloBo Iconics family; and the stunning Spring Summer 2012 collection sporting pastel colours, capturing the spirit of ChloBo’s Bohemian roots and in step and on trend with the latest fashion.

All the girls here are resplendent in their pastel shades already and I can personally guarantee we’ll all be modelling the ChloBo Dreamlands bracelets and necklaces here in the shop and on our occasional soirees to the local hostelries and restaurants.

You can see the full collection, available to order from today, right here.

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