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Kelly Loves ChloBo

27 January 2012 21:31:06 GMT

Well! Even more celebrity ChloBo news! Miss Warburton and her precious little underlings were both astonished and delighted to see the absolutely gorgeous Kelly Rowland wearing a stack of fabulous ChloBo jewellery on her new music video for “Keep it Between Us.”

Kelly rose to fame as one of the founding members of the American girl group Destiny's Child, along with lovely Beyonce Knowles and Michele somebody. Between the group and her solo and collaborative projects, Kelly has sold around eighty two million records worldwide. Not quite sure what ‘records’ are, maybe ask your dad. But that’s a LOT, whatever they are. So she sure is popular.

Anyway, I think you’ll agree with us that she looks just beautiful in those lovely ChloBo bracelets, and of course you can buy them in store on online from the girls at Warbys!
Take it away Kelly!

Kelly Rowland - "Keep It Between Us" from Kelly Rowland on Vimeo.

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How Deep is Your Love?

9 December 2011 16:42:35 GMT

Sekonda’s latest sponsorific  treat for us this weekend is a bit of Night Fever with The Nation’s Favourite Bee Gees’ Song courtesy of Sekonda’s super-spangly new watch Twilight Pearl… obviously, I don’t need to point out that it’s just the most delightfully perfect Christmas gift for a ladylike loved one. You can check it out here.

The program itself features contributions from ‘celebrity fans’ (probably because most of the Gibbs brothers are, sadly, deceased) including Elton John, Ronan Keating, Mick Hucknall, Katie Melua, and Miss Warburton’s very own heartthrob Dave Grohl. It screens tonight on ITV1 at 9:00PM and Miss Warburton is compelled to suggest that it would be a Tragedy to miss it!

And of course, this gives Miss Warburton the opportunity to point out that Warbys always stocks a range of gold and silver chains, so this Christmas, why not buy one as a surprise for someone and on Christmas morning you can have your very own … erm… Chain Reaction!*

*OK, so it’s not performed by the Bee Gees, but they did write, produce and provide backing vocals.

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Put a Ring On It

2 December 2011 11:37:30 GMT

My. Those very clever marketing people at Sekonda have managed to sponsor yet another one of Miss Warburton’s favourite musical artistes for their ITV special A Night with Beyoncé this Sunday evening at 9:00PM.

The Seksy Ivory ladies watch is the main focus of the promotion, but the style is also available in black, and you may wish to browse the other watches in our fabulous Seksy selection.

More pertinently that gives Miss Warburton the perfect excuse to post Beyoncé’s dance music video to end all dance music videos for all you single ladies out there. In fact although we’re not all single ladies here at Warbys, we have been perfecting the dance routine over the past couple of years and are apt to spontaneously perform the dance on the shop floor after a particularly impressive sale (which includes Internet sales by the way).

And so, if Ms. Knowles is reading this (and I’m assured she does so on a regular basis), then please direct your next man to buy your engagement ring and/or wedding ring at Warburtons where you are assured of a great deal on a top quality bespoke jewellery.

In the meantime, Miss Warburton is going off for a little dance and to dream of the day when Mr. Right puts a ring on it.

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Remember Remember

4 November 2011 16:12:23 GMT

It's that time of year again that Miss Warburton truly loves, when the air is heavy with the flinty smell of Saltpeter, the skies are filled with spectacular bursts of colour and my beautiful dogs are hiding behind the sofa.

Yes it's firework night tomorrow, and we celebrate the foiling of Guy Fawkes' Gunpowder Plot by burning his effigy on bonfires, taking our lives into our own hands by setting off slightly damp and ludicroulsy overpriced packets of gunpowder and eating undigestibly undercooked jacket potatoes.

And after at least three minutes of hard Googling, Miss Warburton has failed to find any vaguely entertaining link between fireworks and jewellery, but as it's Friday I thought I'd sing you a little song instead...

I can just see all those Occupy London Stock Exchange types grooving away to this in their V for Vendetta masks tomorrow night. Not sure if the Occupy Wall Street peeps will get the connection.

And by the way, no, that's NOT me obviously, but a rather talented young lady called Sofia Arnell, who like Miss Warburton finds the acoustics in the bathroom to be just about perfect for recording for YouTube. Enjoy!

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The Fresher Roamer of Switzerland

28 October 2011 16:04:14 BST

Huge announcement time... Miss Warburton is proud to announce that we are now stocking Roamer Watches! In fact our first consignment arrived yesterday, and I can tell you all the guys and girls couldn't wait to get them out of the cartons to have a look. And we weren't disappointed!

Roamer have been making timepiecesfor 120 years and these simply gorgeous Swiss-made watches are to die for. Precision movements, modern minimalist design, high quality materials - including rose gold and ceramics - combined with great prices make these a brand you simply can't help but love. Take a look our selection here.

Their own publicity materials claim that "Roamer is the watch brand for people who love their life and enjoy valuable moments. People wearing a Roamer spend their leisure with friends or with their families. Their dedication, steadfastness and extraordinary sense for doing the right thing unites them at important moments. Friends and family consider them to be as prudent as they are perceptive."

Took the words right out of my mouth! They go on to say that, "Roamer is a manifestation of an independent, cosmopolitan spirit, not least determined by the harmonious lines and the high-quality compositions of colours, patterns and materials."

Can't argue with that... whay not take a look?

And because it's Friday, we have the perfect excuse to post a video of dishy heartthrob Enrique Iglesias singing his tribute to our very favourite watch brand of the moment... and it's our Friday Groove! Enjoy!

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Michael Bublé's Partytime

14 October 2011 14:25:33 BST

We here at Warburtons have only just heard that there is a new Michael Bublé television programme on tomorrow night, and better still, it's sponsored by Sekonda Partytime watches.

This is Michael Bublé airs on ITV on Saturday 15th October at 11:10pm and features the delightful crooner exploring and celebrating the UK in a fly-on-the-wall documentary as he meets celebrities like Peter Kay and Holly Willoughby, travelling to Manchester, Birmingham, Newcastle, Sheffield, Nottingham and Dublin. But sadly not Leigh-on-Sea, and I can tell you all the girls here at Warbys are heartbroken.

We suggest that all you like minded Bublé fangirls out there console yourselves by treating yourselves to a colourful, spangly (and reasonably priced) Sekonda Partytime watch, conveniently available from our website here or in store.

And as it's Friday, here's a (sort of) related rendition of the Beatles' classic performed by Michael to celebrate his new show!

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