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Trollbeads Dreams of Freedom Kit

15 October 2015 11:19:00 BST

The Trollbeads Dreams of Freedom Kit is now available from us!

Designed by Gail Crosman Moore, this kit is part of the new 2015 Autumn Collection. We love Gail's whimsical sense of design which results in strong colours, surprising textures and shapes to give all her pieces a very distinctive look.

This kit features the 6 stunning Italian glass beads; Hopefull Poppies, Dream Away, Stamen of Life, Spiritual Cone, Unbreakable Ties and Flaming Meditation - all set to inspire inner peace and daydreaming!

Pair these beads with your existing ones to give them another lease of life!

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3 New Trollbead Bracelets!

9 July 2015 11:12:47 BST

We have just added this trendy and simple single bracelet from Trollbeads to our website - Part of the Summer 2015 Collection!

Designed by Nicolas Aagaard, it comes in 3 colours - White, Black and Brown and is tied with a simple knot to fit all sizes.

At only £18 this bracelet is a lovely addition to your collection!

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Trollbeads Autumn 2014 Collection

20 October 2014 14:22:56 BST

Trollbeads Autumn 2014

The Collection features two distinct themes of Eastern spirituality and Nordic forests - restore your energies! The collection has a fanastic variety of silver beads - each one come with a sentimental meaning making them a great addition to your bracelet and an extra special gift for someone special!

One of our favourite silver beads is the Giant Lotus Bead - the Lotus is the symbol of fortune and purifies the spirit!

See the full Trollbeads Autumn 2014 Collection here!

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Perfect Balance Trollbead

13 October 2014 10:30:51 BST


For the 6th year running, Trollbeads invited you to create your own design for the theme ‘Missing Beads’. They narrowed down the designs to just 100 finalists and gave you the opportunity to vote for the winner.

The winner of the People’s bead 2014 is the Perfect Balance Trollbead. This beautiful bead highlights the Yin & Yang symbol, featuring two stunning cubic zirconia gently floating, moving together in perfect harmony!

We now have the Perfect Balance bead in store and online - See it here!

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Trollbeads Spring 2014 Collection

10 February 2014 13:04:06 GMT

The new collection from Trollbeads takes you to exotic places and brings you a taste of mystery.

Arabian Nights

The first section of the collection is Arabian Nights – inspired by the ancient culture of Arabia.

Featuring the Snake bead- a powerful symbol in many cultures. The Dromedary bead sees a camel elegantly placed on top of a shimmering pink glass sphere. This bead promotes that life is a journey, not a destination. And flying in Sterling Silver the Falcon bead; it sends a message of love and a wish for those who want to stay together for life.

It also features sparkling glass beads inspired by the hot wind that blows from Northern Africa carrying sand from the Sahara.The Scirocco Bead represents the hot and dry wind carrying sand to a new place – a new life. The Desert Rose Bead features Rosette formations or crystal clusters bringing thoughts to a rose as a symbol of life.The Engraved Romance bead features an engraved flower in front of a darker background- like a kiss from the one you love and the Normad Bead is a symbol of living free, always moving from place to place.

Hanging Gardens

The second section of this collection is inspired by the Hanging Gardens of Babylon which are considered one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World and are surrounded by legends and mystery.

Featuring the simple yet stunning Drops of Delight Bead. A falcon of silver and Rose Quartz it is the stone for the heart. It is believed to have been exchanged as a token of love as early as 600 B.C and is a lovely alternative to the generic heart shaped gifts given for Valentine’s Day. The Swan Bead – a graceful swan is the messenger of love and relationships. And the Jewel of Fairy Basslet Fish bead and the Emerald represents colourful beauties swimming in the Red Sea in small families.

This section too features sparkling glass beads- the delicate turquoise Ancient Palace bead representing sense of timeless beauty and the Fountain of Life bead in royal blue, nourishing all life.


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The Trollbeads Winter 2013 Collection

11 November 2013 11:55:43 GMT


The Trollbeads Winter 2013 Collection Is Now In Stock!

The Trollbeads Winter 2013 collection reflects the change of the season and the approaching festivities. The collection features hearts, singing snowmen, captivating glass beads and sparkling diamonds, as well as two limited edition glass kits with enchanting blue and festive red beads. All of the Christmas Ornaments will fit on all major bracelets, making it perfect for everyone.

This collection includes the ‘Christmas Heart’- a sterling silver heart designed for the Fantasy Necklace, where you are able showcase your favourite bead inside the heart. It also includes the Blizzard bead and Blizzard Tassel bead. Both beads have a fluorescent inner light that in the dark makes them glow like a starry sky and in the daylight they are a lovely, bright and delicate clear glass.

This collection also features two beads perfect for New Years. The first an exclusive Stay Positive bead in 18 carat gold, which is a reminder to stay positive in the New Year. The second, the Shooting Star bead which is the perfect way to start 2014 with 24 sparkling diamonds on your bracelet!

Trollbeads are perfect for everyone, with the uniqueness of the beads and each bead having a story to tell, you can create a very special and personal present. Whoever the lucky recipient is, if there is a part of their personality that really shines through, you'll also be able to emphasise it with Trollbeads. Once a person is started they can build their own collection to create jewellery to suit any mood or occasion.

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3 August 2012 08:49:48 BST

Trollbeads People’s Bead 2012 Spiritual Collection

All the girls here at Warbys are just super excited that the new Trollbeads collection is launched today. The Spiritual Collection is an all-new themed collection of beads consisting entirely of winning People's Bead designs, selected from hundreds of designs submitted for this year's People's Bead Competition.

Representing Team GB is Dorset-based artist and fitness instructor Carolyn Brettell, whose silver Feather Bead is one of eleven designs featured in Trollbeads’ gorgeous new People’s Bead 2012 Spiritual Collection, representing nine different nationalities.

Carolyn’s bead is also available as part of a ready-made bracelet!

And even though the nearest that Miss Warburton gets to spirituality is a few glasses of wine while watching Return of the Jedi, that doesn’t stop her appreciating the beauty of these wonderful new beads, available to order from our online shop or in store now.

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Blue (and Red) Christmas

10 November 2011 20:46:57 GMT

Miss Warburton is trying not to look, but Christmas is coming, and although a certain individual here at the shop hasn't yet started playing her Matt Munro CD on endless rotation, it won't be long now.

But another more agreeable sign of the impending festivities is the arrival today of the fabulously seasonal Trollbead Christmas Collection. It includes two new limited edition glass bead sets, with red and green, and blue and white themes; a beautiful glittering blue bead inlaid with cubic zirconia; misletoe in gold and silver flavours; a new Tiger's Eye bead and a gold heart lock; there's even a really sweet little teddy bear.

Check out the whole range here in our New Season Trollbeads section.

Meanwhile Miss Warburton will be found standing under the miseltoe waiting for her luck to change.

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New Trollbead Coin... and Film!

7 October 2011 15:07:17 BST

Trollbeads will be releasing a fabulous new special edition bead later this month: The Limited Edition Troll Coin is going to be released in the UK & Ireland on the 24th of October. Better still, £5 from the sale of each Troll Coin will be donated to a major charity to be announced shortly, so watch this space!

**UPDATE** Proceeds of sales of the Troll Coin will benefit The MS Society. You can now order the coin here!

Meanwhile, a new short film, "Trollhand," specially commissioned by Lise Aagaard, founder of Trollbeads has just been released, just in time for Halloween! Trollbeads describe it as "beautiful yet eerily romantic," but I think it's a bit creepy! What do you think?

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Trollbeads have arrived at Warburtons

12 October 2006 15:21:51 BST

At last, the South East has an official retailer for the Scandinavian charm bracelet sensation Trollbeads. Warburtons of Leigh is now the exclusive stockist for the area, one of the few official stockists in the UK. We carry a huge range of bracelets, clasps and beads in store.

The innovative, create-your-own charm bead bracelet from Denmark has often been imitated but never bettered. Trollbeads are the original and still the best, with over 300 hand-crafted beads in glass, Sterling silver and 18 carat gold to choose from. 

Pop into the shop and view our extensive collection. We will be happy to assist you in creating your own unique piece of jewellery. 

Check out our Trollbeads page here.

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