Diamond Information

The diamond is probably the world's most desired gemstone, a symbol of true and undying love, of eternity. Romantic, glamorous and elegant, if diamonds are not a girl's best friend, then at least they are a perfect gift for the one you love. Warburtons stock a wide selection of diamond jewellery including pendants, earrings, necklaces, brooches and of course eternity and engagement rings.

Alternatively we can supply loose diamonds or create a piece of bespoke diamond jewellery just for you.

Diamond Grading: The four 'C's

The desirability and value of a diamond is determined by its shape, size and quality. This is referred to in the jewellery trade as the four 'C's; cut, carat, colour and clarity.

> Cut > Carat > Colour > Clarity

Certificated & Uncertificated Diamonds

Warburtons offer a large selection of certificated and uncertificated diamonds.
A diamond certificate (also called a "diamond grading report") is a document containing the characteristics about the diamond that will make up its value, prepared by an independent Gemmology Laboratory.
Warburtons also offer uncertificated diamonds professionally guaranteed to be of comparable quality in every respect to certificated diamonds without the grading report. Should a certificate be required, we can provide one for an additional fee.

Loose Diamonds

A loose diamond is one from a packet of similar graded diamonds. We offer loose diamonds in a wide variety of weights, cuts and grades.

If you are concerned about conflict diamonds, please read this.