The Process

The Process

The typical bespoke jewellery process goes something like this:

Visit our shop to discuss your budget, requirements and timescale with a member of our team. We will assist you in modifying your design, advising on the choice of stones and materials and take measurements as necessary.

As designers and manufacturers we can also suggest ways to improve the practicality and durability of the design.

Then our experienced craftsmen will create your bespoke piece in our own workshops to the highest quality and attention to detail. All components will then be assembled by hand and when complete, the stones are expertly set. The jewellery will then be carefully checked and polished.

Finally we will notify you upon completion of your order for collection or a further fitting if necessary.

We can also create new pieces from your old jewellery, breaking down old unwanted pieces into their constituent stones and metals and utilising these in the creation of a brand new item of jewellery.

Perhaps you wish to transform an sentimental but unfashionable item into a new, contemporary piece which retains the original sentiment.

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All types of jewellery made to your specifications and to your budget ... expertly crafted by skilled artisans in our own workshops.